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As the number of “LEEsigns” has increased, I have decided to change the way I display them.

To facilitate faster browsing and page loads, I have separated the produced “LEEsigns”” into galleries based on their “design year”.

In the menu to the left, you will find buttons to click on to browse these yearly galleries.

I hope this allows for an easier navigation and browsing experience on this website.


If you are interested in me creating a design for you, contact me here.

Visit my main page to learn more about gvsu4msu "LEEsigns".

Pathtag Design Summary:

2008: 26 tag designs

2009: 186 tag designs

2010: 121 tag designs

2011: 108 tag designs

2012: 62 tag designs

2013: 84 tag designs

2014: 41 tag designs

2015: 9 tag designs


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