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Welcome to the pathtag "LEEsign" page for gvsu4msu.

Here you will find information regarding pathtags, my design services, my portfolio of completed designs, and the gvsu4msu "LEEsign" backstory.

By clicking on the Pathtags menus to the left  you will find the portflolios of pathtag designs I have created, sold and have made available for those seeking a "ready-made" design.

My services can be contracted for $25 per design (due when final artwork agreed upon) and two tags (upon completion of production of the tag).

If you are interested in me creating a design for you, contact me here.

Official Design Partner - click here to learn more

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So what is offered with a custom gvsu4msu "LEEsign"?

My services are for the creation of the artwork portion of the pathag process. When the design is complete, you can use that image file to place your order through the website. From there, your pathtag goes into the production process (as defined on their website). You pay me for only the design. You pay for your pathtags through their website.

Whether you have an idea in your head or just an image, let's work together to get your idea to reality. When inquiring for services, let me know what you are thinking. This dialogue helps to begin the idea phase of the "LEEsign" process. If you have an image, attach it to the e-mail. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.

I generally will be able to respond to your inquiry within a couple of days of whether I am available to create a design for you. I will also respond with an estimate of when I may have a design ready for you. Certain time periods of the year are busier than others, so plan ahead.

If you are looking to make a pathtag for an event, general rule of thumb is to have a design submitted approximately two months prior to the event date. Donít forget to factor in one to two weeks for the design to be created.

Some notes regarding the basics of the pathag design. All pathtag designs utilize the "coloring book" principle for separating colors. As liquid enamels are used for coloring, there needs to be a (raised metal) line to separate them. This makes pathtags artwork different from photographs or printed images where colors can touch. Also note that pathtags are about the size of a U.S. Quarter, so this will limit how much detail you can add.

Below you will see the 4 plating options that pathtags are available in. Below them you can see the various border details I use in my designs. Click on the border to view a larger image. If there is a specific plating option, border style, special enamel offer you are interested in using, please note this in your inquiry.

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Looking to make a pathtag, but need a jump-start on the design?

Take a look at the many "Ready Made" designs to get you going

Click on the "Pathtags" menu above to navigate to that gallery

These "ready-made" designs can be customized or personalized as well. Generally a couple of pathtags is all I ask for "payment" for a "ready made" design.

If you are intererested in a "ready-made" design? Contact me here

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Choice of four plating options
(Shiny Silver, Black Nickel, Shiny Gold, Shiny Copper)

Border Styles
Click on the images below to preview the borders avialble for use with your  design.

If interested in one for your design, please mention the style with your inquiry.

Borders available in all platings.





scalloped - 1 point

scalloped - 2 point

cake - plain

cake - stars

cake - dots







star lite




bumps 2




hippie one




O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O = O

The GVSU4MSU "LEEsign" backstory

Our first pathtag was found in a geocache on November 10th, 2007 . The pathtag was "Tropical Tikibirds" . The geocache was "Steganography #2" (GC152VM) by The Conman.

When we found it we thought it was a geocoin or something. We had been into caching all of 3 months at that point. So we logged on to the pathtag website and logged the tag as found. Left a comment that we found it and would move it along soon. Remember we thought it was a coin or something. We got a reply back from The Tikibirds that it was a pathtag and not a geocoin and it was ours to keep. This was kinda cool. Over the next 5 months we found 15 more pathtags "in the wild", Including one in TN while on vacation. I think living in MI the "in the wild" finds are greater that many other states.

In the Sping of 2008, the Michigan Geocaching Organization (MiGO) started a "Design the next MiGO pathtag" Contest. I then dabbled with creating some designs and submitted them for consideration. None of my designs won, but it gave me plenty of experience learning about this new signature item known as Pathtags.

From there I began to just play around with some designs for geo-friends and some of them even went into production with the designs. With this encouragement, I began to start thinking about a design for our first tag. However it was not until after MWGB 2008 (August 2008), that we went forward with getting our design made. The discount was a huge help, and seeing all the tags at BASH didn't hurt either.

In Sept 2008, we set up our geocaching website ( and I put a section on there for pathtags, and well, the rest is history. Click on the links above to view all the designs we have made personally, and the designs that I have made for other taggers.

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